What Bow I’m Shooting for 2016

What Bow I'm Shooting for 2016Before I say what bow I ended up with for the year let me tell you what I started the year with. When the 2016 bows came out I was all excited as most in archery are. I’d never shot Hoyt but wanted to. So I thought the Defiants would be a winner. I went to my local shop a tested the Defiant 30 and Defiant Turbo. The 30 was certainly had an easier draw cycle for me but I wanted the speed and kinetic energy of the Turbo. So went ahead and ordered the Turbo. That was a mistake. I thought I could get used to the harsh draw cycle of the Turbo, but after two months of shooting it never got better. In fact it was tearing up my shoulder so much I didn’t enjoy shooting it. So I sold it and got a Bowtech BTX which was an awesome bow and had it for a couple months. I really enjoyed shooting it but heard a lot about the limb issues they have been having for a couple years now. While I never had a problem with mine I wasn’t confident shooting it anymore, especially without a backup bow, just in case. So I sold the BTX also.

Luckily I had a left over 2015 Hoyt Nitrum 30 on hold at my bow shop. So after the BXT was gone I went ahead and picked this bow up and let me tell you, this has been the best bow I have ever owned. When I first picked it up I couldn’t believe how light and well balanced it was. I got it all set up at the shop in no time. Put the rest on and got the centershot perfect, paper tuned and only had to mess with the elevation. The windage was perfect. Even sighting it in at longer distances I never had to mess with the windage on my rest. They say that Hoyt’s zero torque cable guard helps a lot with tuning. I have a 28.5″ draw so I am in the B slot on the #3 cam and it is so smooth to draw. I’ve got it set at 70 pounds and shooting a 422 grain Easton Axis arrow at 287 fps totaling 77 foot pounds of kinetic energy, so I’m happy with that for a hunting setup.

It did take some getting used to the short valley and I lost a couple arrows but now I’m comfortable with it. Once I got used to it it was time to start sighting it in. I’m a little OCD when it comes to committing to a sight tape for my Hogg Father so it took quite a bit of shooting from 20 and 60. I’ve heard a lot of archers say that short ata bows are not as stable at farther distances but short ata bows are all I’ve ever shot so I guess I don’t know the difference. But at 60 yards I have no problem getting my arrows to group. For only being 30″ ata it holds really good on target, I could probably shoot just as good without my stabilizer but I like my stabilizer. It’s also easy to get a repeatable grip with this bow, which is a big help when sighting it in a farther distances, especially for me.

I haven’t found any issues with the camo finish and it does look good even though I prefer blackout bows, but with this being a left over 2015 I didn’t have many options. After hunting season I might get it dipped, I always wanted to do that. I definitely like the riser design of the Nitrum over the Defiant so that is also a big plus for me. I have found zero negatives with the Nitrum 30. It has exceeded my expectations in every way.

So I can honestly say that I am happy with the way my bow experience turned out this year. And while it isn’t the newest model out now it is still an awesome bow. I am now 100% confident with this bow without worrying about something happening when I’m in the woods, and confidence in your equipment with archery is a big deal. The Nitrum is a keeper for sure.

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