Walk Back Tuning Made Easy

It’s really important to make sure that your sight and arrow rest are in line.  And the way to do that is either walk back tuning or french tuning.  Both of them work just as good but some like one method over the other.  I myself have been doing french tuning.  But this video shows just how easy walk back tuning can be.

Like I said I always did the french tuning but the only problem with that is that the more you have to make adjustments the more some archers get confused.  And there can be a lot of adjusting when it comes to french tuning.  I will have to try this out when I get my new bow in a couple weeks.  The only thing with doing it this way is to make sure that when you shoot at 60 yards make sure that your sight is high enough to count for the drop and still hit that target instead of in the ground.

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