Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Review

Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro ReviewI have used a few different style of arrow rest since starting into archery and wanted to share my all time favorite rest. In my opinion the Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro is the best rest on the market. Of course the best is subjective but I will explain my side in this review.

Originally when I started shooting I bought a PSE Vision RTS (Ready to Shoot) bow that included a whisker biscuit. I thought it was a great rest but like I said, it was my first bow and I didn’t know any better. I’m not saying that a whisker biscuit isn’t a good rest but it’s just not for me. I first saw the rest watching Cameron Hanes YouTube videos and then started doing a little more research. There was a couple other YouTube videos on it but they were a couple years old. Heard great things about it and bought one. Best money I have spent on an arrow rest.

I did like how the whisker biscuit was a full capture rest so I didn’t want to lose that. Guess what? The Smackdown Pro is full containment. It has a stainless steel launcher so no need to worry about it breaking. It can be attached to the upper limb, lower limb, or even the up cable. I have it attached to the lower limb. First limb driven rest I have used. The whole rest is 100% metal with a rubber molding around the ring so it doesn’t make any noise if the arrow hits it. This rest makes absolutely zero noise when the launcher comes back down. It even has a lifetime warranty. Not many companies in archery that stand behind their product like that.

Like I said, I started out with a whisker biscuit. Then about a year after shooting that I wanted to try something else so I got a QAD HDX Ultra Rest. That is a drop away rest the is driven by the cable. It was a great rest and shot with it for a couple years. Then I was hearing that a limb driven rest was better than a cable driven one. This is because that cables move much faster than the limb. This also means that less of the arrow is being supported because the launcher is falling faster. They say that with a cable driven rest it supports around the first 10” of your arrow. On a limb driven rest it supports about to the last 10” of your arrow. That is a pretty big difference considering my arrows are 29”. Also the Trophy Taker is sooooo easy to keep in tune. All you have to do is pull down on the cable and tighten the set screw on the launcher and you are set. I had to do this after about the first 50 arrows through it but haven’t messed with it sense.

Any Trophy Taker dealers with have the Smackdown Pro arrow rest on hand. This thing is build to last a lifetime. If you want a drop away arrow rest that is dependable and easy to keep tuned then you should check out the Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro. You won’t be sorry.


Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro

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