The Struggle with My Son and Archery

The Struggle with My Son and ArcheryWhen my son was 11 years old he wanted a bow, so I got him a Barnett Vortex for his birthday. It was a great bow for a beginner. But like all beginner bows he grew out of it. He was getting pretty good and seemed to like the sport so I upgraded his next bow to a 2016 Hoyt Powermax. I got him the bare bow and gave him some of my older equipment. I set it up with a HHA ol-5519 sight and just a Trophy Ridge whisker biscuit to start with. But for some reason I had to fight with him all the time to shoot it. I don’t know if it was just because he was getting older and didn’t want to shoot anymore or if it was the bow.

So about a month after I bought the Powermax, he got his 13 year old attitude really bad. I wasn’t going to play his game anymore so I sold it. I don’t mind spending all that money on a bow, but if he wasn’t going to shoot it I wasn’t going to keep it. But after selling it I started to have regrets about it. I really wanted archery to be something that we could have in common. Something that we both loved to do. But it seemed like it was not meant to be. But being as hopeful has I was I bought him another one six months later. This time I bought the bow package. It came with a Fuse sight, QAD rest, Fuse quiver, and a Fuse stabilizer, which I switched out for a Bee Stinger. So I thought everything was good now. He shot it a little more than the last one but it still wasn’t easy getting him out shooting.

I had this one for a few months without any arrows being put through it now and I was having flashbacks of the last time. I was thinking about keeping it for my backup bow but I didn’t really like how if shot. So guess what, I sold that one too. But this time there were no regrets in selling it. I finally came to terms that my son just didn’t want to shoot. No matter how much I wanted it, it just wasn’t going to happen.

I just got my new bow last week that I will be shooting this year. I couldn’t decided whether to sell my Nitrum or keep it as a backup bow. Then my son asks me if he can have it, which surprised the hell out of me. I was kind of reluctant to tell him that he could have it but I figured, if he doesn’t shoot it I could use it as my backup bow. So I agreed to let him have it. But being that I just bought a new bow, all of my accessories went on my Halon 32, so the Nitrum is bare.

So now his bow is waiting for accessories. What surprised my is that he has a birthday coming up next month and I asked him what he wanted for it and he said he wanted a sight and a rest for his new bow. That made me really happy that he said that because it makes me feel like he really wants it. So I’m going to get him a Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg single pin sight because he wants a single pin and Spot Hoggs are the best sights out there IMO and a QAD HDX Ultra rest. He had that rest on this Powermax and liked it.

So hopefully this works out better this time. I would really like to take him out on hunts and 3d shoots with me. There is a a hunting reserve a couple hours away from me that I would like to take him to, Northstar Gameland. I told him that if he could shoot out to 40 yards accurately that I would take him on a hog hunt. So hopefully that motivates him a little more to practice and take it more seriously this time. I think if he was able to harvest an animal he would be hooked.  It’s just getting him to that point.  And the bow shop that I go to for everything, Mike’s Bow Shop, has 3d shoots during the summer. I went a couple times last year, my first time, but shot my myself because I don’t know anybody else in archery. It would be nice to shoot the course with my son this year.

I told him this is his last chance. If it doesn’t work out this time he will be done unless he buys his own bow. I’m hoping that this time will be better because the Nitrum is a high end bow, much better than the Powermax. So he has no excesses this time. As much as I want him to get into archery and hunting with me I still have my doubts though. Only time will tell. Can’t make anyone like archery, you either do or you don’t.

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