Spot Hogg Hogg Father Review

Spot Hogg Hogg Father Review

After going through Spot Hogg Hogg Father reviews for probably six months before buying one I was still kind of hesitant to make the purchase. There were still so many questions that I had that I couldn’t find the answers to. But I went ahead and made the purchase on faith and boy am I glad I did. This sight turned out to be a keeper for sure.

User Friendly
The Hogg Father might look big, scary and confusing with all the knobs and levers, but in reality it works just like any other sight, only better. It is very similar to other slider sights in the way it works. But it has more adjustability than most other sights on the market. There is a small lever by the yardage wheel that is called the “Vertical Mirco Knob”. It allows you that adjust the yardages by the tenths if you want to be that precise. You sight it in just like any other single pin sight. 20 yard mark and 60 yard mark then pick the tape that the pointer is on when at 60. The scale on the side of the yardage knob is for use with archery tape making programs, but if you are just going to use the tapes that come with the sight you don’t need to worry about that.

This is the toughest sight that I have ever had. The whole sight is solid 6061 aluminum and while that might make it heavier than some sights it also makes it stronger. One of the cool things with the pins is that they have what the call “Bullet Proof Pins”. But this only comes on the multi pin housing. If you want the single pin housing with the bullet proof pin you will have to get the double pin. In the past I have had sights where the pins come loose and wiggle. I even had one that the second and third axel screws would come loose and I would have to reset them. This is not the case with the Hogg Father. Nothing on this sight moves unless you move it. All the screws and levers stay where they are supposed to. Out of all my bow accessories my sight is the least of my worries when it comes to durability.

When I was researching the Hogg Father before I bought it I wanted to know what kind of range I could get out of it. While I wouldn’t shoot an animal out to 100 yards it is nice to be able to shoot that for practice. I found all kinds of different answers. So after I got it and had it all set up I can get out to about 95 yards before I have fletching clearance issues. I have seen others that can get out to 120 or further. But I also have the housing extended all the way out. If I was to move it in I would be able to get further range out of it.

20160916_210806Micro Adjustment
One of the best things about this sight is that every adjustment is micro adjustable. This makes it so much easier to sight is when you know just how far you move something in case you move it too far you can put it back where it was. I found this very helpful when sighting is because if you shoot at a certain distance let’s say that the yardage wheel is on 51 and your vertical micro knob is on 7 it would be 51.7. If I was trying to make my shots better with more adjustments but then they got worse I could just put my sight back to 51.7.

Generally the further your sight is from the riser the more accurate your shots will be. So with that said I can get mine 8-1/2” from the front of my riser to the front of the housing. And being a slider sight you can dial it to exact yardages. No more holding over or under. If the target is at 68 yards dial to 68 yards and shoot dead on. The Hogg Father makes a great 3-d or hunting sight because of this.

I have the .019 green single pin and I have no problem seeing the pin, even extended all the way out. Having the single pin works better for my because the sight window is always the same weather you are shooting 20 yards or 100. You don’t have to count down pins. Just set the distance and shoot. But if you do have a harder time focusing on the pin you could move the housing closer to the riser.

14.8 ounces
10” from end of dovetail to the outside of the housing

• Detachable Dovetail sight and can be adjusted in ½” increments.
• Quick Release knob to easily take off your bow
• Micro adjust 2nd and 3rd axis
• Coarse horizontal and vertical adjustments for faster yardage acquiring
• Tool-less micro adjustable windage and elevation
• Micro adjustable yardage pointer
• HRD technology (Hardened Rail Design) for a stronger dovetail
• Spreads out sight marks so it’s easier to read yardages
• Precision laser engraved sight scale and knob
• Universal scope rod
• Solid 6061 aluminum construction
• Traveling case
• Compatible with most archery programs
• Includes sight tapes from 20-100 yards

You can get the Hogg Father with a single pin, 3 pins, 5 pins, or 7 pins configuration in green, red, or yellow. You can also call Spot Hogg and special order the pins if you want different pin sizes. They have .010, .019, and .029 pin sizes available. You can get the scope which is the single pin, small guard (2”) or the large guard (2-3/8”) for the multi pin housings. The multi pin housings also have the precision wire that runs vertically down the center of the housing to line the pins. You can also get the Hogg Father as a base model without a housing and use your favorite aftermarket housing.

You can purchase a wrap kit for the housing to make the pins brighter. They have lens kits for those further distances to make the target more visible. I wouldn’t recommend hunting with the lens though because it could fog up or get rained on making the target harder to see. There is a sight light that screws onto the housing to make the pins brighter in low light conditions. A cool thing is the Tagged Out Range finder that attaches to multi pin sights. I idea behind those is that you can range your target at full draw without an electronic range finder. And you can also get a scope cover to cover the housing when you aren’t shooting. There are a couple things that do come with the sight: sight tapes, the quick release knob and set screw so you can choose, and a carrying case if you ever take the sight off your bow.

• Micro adjust
• Dovetail
• Bullet Proof Pins

• Weight (To much for some people)

Consumer Reviews
I have not come across any negative reviews on the Hogg Father. Everybody loves them that shoots them. The only negative comment I have seen is that the weight is too much for some. For me, I don’t notice the weight difference; it doesn’t weight that much more that other sights in the same category. Everywhere I have seen it online has had great reviews. They were not wrong.

Yes the Hogg Father is one of the higher priced sights on the market. You could find cheaper ones, but in my opinion no other sight offers as much as the Hogg Father. Before I bought it I was hesitant to get it because of the price but I am glad I did. It is well worth the money to me.

Spot Hogg Hogg Father

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