How to Sight in a Single Pin Sight

How to Sight in a Single Pin SightSingle pin bow sights in my opinion are the way to go because you can shoot exact yardages without having to hold over or under, but for some archers sighting them in is one of the hardest things to do. Hopefully I can help others to easily sight in their sights with these tips. For this I will share how I sight in my Hogg Father sight.

Before I even start to sight in my single pin or even a multi-pin sight I’ll make sure that I paper tune and set my second and third axis, if my sight has those adjustments. If I was to sight in first and then paper tune and set my axis, my sight would be off and I’d have to do it all over again. I have done it backwards and it is no fun doing it over. So make sure you go in the right order and save yourself some time.

Once I get my axis set and paper tuned, I adjust the sight so that the bottom of the rack is flush with the bottom of the hardened rails. Shoot from 10 yards, and if I’m within 3’ of the bulls eye I’m good to go. If not, then I need to move the housing unit up or down to course elevation mounting holes until I’m within 3” of the bulls eye. Once that is all set then I am ready to start sighting in.

The first thing I do is use a 1” piece of tape for a vertical and horizontal line on my target. I do it this way instead of using a dot is because for me it is easier to focus on my elevation and windage separately. I’ll move back to 20 yards and start shooting at the horizontal tape until all of my arrows are centered on the tape. If I am high I move my sight up, if low then my the sight down. Once I get then all on the tape I will then start shooting at the vertical piece of tape to get my windage perfect. If I am hitting right, I move my sight to the right, if left, move my sight to the left until all of my arrows are hitting center on the vertical tape.

Once I get my 20 yard perfect I will put on my calibration tape so that the 20 mark is under my pointer. One of the great things about the Hogg Father is that it has a micro adjustable pointer to get it exactly where I want it. I’ll move back to 30 yards and adjust my sight and instead of trying to get my 30 perfect I will just make sure that I am hitting the target. I will shoot at the vertical tape to make sure that my windage is still ok. I will do this all the way back to 60 yards.

If my windage starts walking away from the vertical tape I will make an adjustments to my rest instead of the sight. If my arrows are hitting right of the tape this time the rest will need to be moved very slightly to the left , and vis-versa. Doing this will also make broadhead tuning so much easier. By the time I get to 60 yards my windage will be perfect and I will shoot at a 3” orange dot on my target until I get the elevation perfect from 60.

When you are sighting in a single pin sight the only two marks that really matter are the 20 yard and 60 yard marks, so don’t wear yourself out by trying to perfect your 30, 40, and 50 yard marks. On make Hogg Father whatever letter my pointer is on is the letter sight tape I need to use. I’ll move my sight back to my 20 yard mark and take off the calibration tape and put the new tape on. Once I have the right tape on I’ll go to an odd yardage and shoot just to make sure I picked the right tape.

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