New Bow for 2017

Halon 32I just got my new bow for the year, 2017 Mathews Halon 32. It is the 6” version and is an awesome bow. I wanted the Halon last year but never got it. Even though I went through three different bows. The Halon was the one I kept thinking about when shooting the others. So when I heard the Halon was coming out in a 32” ata version I knew that this would be the bow for the new year. So I got it ordered at the end of November. It took 5-1/2 weeks to come in. It was a long wait.

Before that I was shooting the Hoyt Nitrum with Fuse accessories and now I’m shooting Mathews. Can’t really put Fuse on Mathews so I’m in the market for some new accessories for the Halon. I did put on my Hogg Father and Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro from my Nitrum. Now I just need a quiver and stabilizer.

At first I was wanting to get the Mathews 2 piece quiver and this year I wanted to try a stabilizer with a side bar. The only problem I am having with that now is that my bow, sight, and rest are weighing in at six pounds already. If I was a tree stand hunter that wouldn’t really bother me, but I spot and stalk. Walking for miles when I hunt. All that weight starts to get heavy after a few miles.

So I think I found the solution. I have been looking into the Quivalizer. It would act as my stabilizer and a quiver, saving me probably at least a pound of weight. The only thing that would worry me is the arrow hood on the end. I think that would catch a lot of wind, making it harder to stay on the mark. But I am willing to give it a try this summer and if it doesn’t work out then I will go back to a quiver and stabilizer separately.

It will probably be a few weeks before I will be able to get it but I am definitely going to give it a try.  A 20″ stabilizer and 5 arrow quiver in one, I think that advantages will out weigh the disadvantages.

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