My 2016 Bow Setup

My 2016 Bow SetupThis year I am shooting a 2015 Hoyt Nitrum 30. Set at 28.5” and 70 pounds this thing is an awesome bow. I went through a few bows this year and this one was the best out of them.

For the sight I have a Spot Hogg Hogg Father. It is a single pin slider sight and in my opinion the best on the market. It does everything I could ever ask for in a sight, micro adjust everything and built better than a tank. My rest is a Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro. I use the limb driven model, first time using that style and I think it is the best way to go, they are so easy to keep in tune. A very solid and dependable rest. I just went back to Easton FMJ’s, tried the Axis for a while, just like the FMJ’s better because they seem stronger to me. I use a 100 grain field point for practice and 100 grain QAD Exodus broadheads for hunting. So far out to 50 yards they are flying with my field points without any extra tuning. My stabilizer is a Fuse Carbon Blade 10” which looks great with my setup. My quiver is a Fuse Satori Streamline 6 arrow quiver. I used to use the Tight Spot but I didn’t like the way it rubbed against my rest cord so I switched.

With my current setup, Easton FMJ’s weighing in at 480 grains I am getting 271 fps out of them. The Axis weighing in a 420 grains was getting 287 fps so I am giving up a little bit of speed, but speed isn’t everything. Even though I am giving up around 16 fps, I am gaining a little more kinetic energy with the heavier arrows. Which works out ok for me because this is my hunting bow.

I’m thinking about getting the Spot Hogg double pin housing for my sight though so I can have a second lower pin to aim with. The Hogg Father is a great sight but with my current setup I can only get out to about 85 yards. I would like to be able to shoot further for practicing. I could move my sight in closer to the riser to get more distance out of it but I got the Hogg Father because I am able to get it further from the riser. Shooting with glasses and a shorter sight wasn’t working out to well for me. But other than that I am completely happy with my setup.

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