Finally got the Girlfriend into Archery

Custom Diamond PrismWell I’ve been shooting for a few years now and I have always shot alone.  Don’t know anybody else in archery.  I have tried getting my oldest son into it but it has been difficult.  I made the mistake of buying him a bow on three different occasions and they have all ended the same.  He doesn’t shoot them and I don’t like wasting my money so I sell them.  I’ve been trying to get my girlfriend to shoot with me but for a few years it was impossible.  Finally I got her to a point that she has decided she wanted a bow.  So we went to Mikes Bow Shop to pick one out for her.  She never understood why I would always get different bows even though I tried to explain it to her.  She just never got it.  But unfortunately she doesn’t have a lot of upper body strength so she couldn’t should most of the bows that she wanted to, plus she is left handed to that made it harder to find a bow she could try.

We finally came across a Diamond Prism.  And while it is more of a youth bow she can learn to shoot and strengthen her muscles with this bow.  Right now she can only draw 25 pounds.  And if it turns out that she likes archery then we can upgrade to a woman’s bow in the future.  I didn’t really want to spend a lot of money on something that I wasn’t sure if she would even like.  Like with my son.

So we got the bow ordered in left hand and black.  Then we got the cams, limb pockets and some other accessories painted blue, kind of like the Bowtech Eva Shockey to make it more of a custom bow that she would like.  Hopefully that will work.  My youngest son is also left handed and wants to get into archery so whether or not my girlfriend likes it, the bow shouldn’t go to waste because we can hand it down to my son.

I’ll probably have my bow tech give her shooting lessons though because she says that I am too bossy when trying to show her how to shoot.  I don’t think so but whatever works.



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