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Archery equipment that I use or want to use.

New Bow for 2017

Halon 32

I just got my new bow for the year, 2017 Mathews Halon 32. It is the 6” version and is an awesome bow. I wanted the Halon last year but never got it. Even though I went through three different…

Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Review

Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Review

I have used a few different style of arrow rest since starting into archery and wanted to share my all time favorite rest. In my opinion the Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro is the best rest on the market. Of course…

3 Pieces of Equipment I Can’t Live Without

3 Pieces of Equipment I Can't Live Without

Every archer goes through phases of the “new and shiny”, wanting to try out different pieces of equipment for their bow. But when you finally find something that lives up to your expectations you stop looking for something else. I…

My 2016 Bow Setup

My 2016 Bow Setup

This year I am shooting a 2015 Hoyt Nitrum 30. Set at 28.5” and 70 pounds this thing is an awesome bow. I went through a few bows this year and this one was the best out of them. For…

Spot Hogg Hogg Father Review

Spot Hogg Hogg Father Review

After going through Spot Hogg Hogg Father reviews for probably six months before buying one I was still kind of hesitant to make the purchase. There were still so many questions that I had that I couldn’t find the answers…

What Bow I’m Shooting for 2016

What Bow I'm Shooting for 2016

Before I say what bow I ended up with for the year let me tell you what I started the year with. When the 2016 bows came out I was all excited as most in archery are. I’d never shot…