I created pimpyourbow.com because I am obsessed with archery and bow hunting. I have only been active in the sport for about 4 years but I fell in love early on. If I’m not shooting my bow, I’m thinking about shooting my bow. I have had quite a few different bow setups and like to try out different equipment, like I’m sure a lot of others do. My goal is to help others through my experience and knowledge of archery. I don’t personally know anyone who is into archery or hunting so everything I have learned over the years has been through YouTube, trial and error, and my local bow shop. I’m sure I’m not the only loner, so if I could just help one person shorten the learning curve and better their accuracy or whatever it is they are trying to accomplish then I would feel like I accomplished something. There are is a lot of great equipment in the archery world along with some not so great equipment. But just remember one thing, archery is subjective, what I think is the best of something someone else will think it’s the worst. Find out what works for you and remember to have fun doing it.