3 Pieces of Hunting Equipment I Must Have

3 Pieces of Hunting Equipment I must HaveI have only been hunting for a few years now and most people would think after a year or two one would have everything that is needed for hunting. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Every year new equipment comes out. But the 3 things that I really want have been out for a few years now. Just never got around to getting them even though I have it in my head every year to buy them. Being a bow hunter, archery takes up quite a bit more of my money than the three months of hunting does. I’m sure some can understand this.

The first item I have always wanted to get is a GPS unit. IGarmin GPSMAPS 64s would like to get deeper into the woods to get away for the hunting pressure but I have always had the fear of getting lost in the woods without a GPS. The one on my phone doesn’t work so well in the woods. I have been doing some research and the one that I have my eye on is the Garmin GPSMap 64s. It is fairly priced compared to others I have seen and has a big enough screen that can be read in the sunlight. It isn’t a touch screen, but I don’t want a touch screen because they don’t work well with gloves. It has a dual battery system, expanded 4GB internal memory, and it can receive smart notifications. This will be in my arsenal really soon so I can get deep into the woods before the rut.

RaptorazorNext on my list are the Raptorazor Big Game Skinner and Mako Hunting knife combo. I have always had a fascination with knives and always had a collections. Then I got into hunting and bought a lot of hunting knives. But the all had one thing that I didn’t like about them, they need to be sharpened. What I like about the Raptorazor is that the blades are stainless steel, and replaceable. The design of them looks cool and although I haven’t had a chance to skin an animal, I’ve watched YouTube videos on them and they look a lot easier than traditional knives. For everything that they can do they are pretty reasonably prices compared to other hunting knives.

The final thing on my wish list is a Ghost Blind. These Ghost Blindhunting blind are so awesome. I have never really cared for tree stands, don’t like heights. And only hunting public land a ground blind would be a pain to set up and take down every day because I wouldn’t leave it on public land. This is why I spot and stalk. But when the Ghost Blind came out I thought it was so cool. It is light weight, comes with it’s own pack, and blends with any terrain. No more needing to blend you blind in with the surroundings.

Now for the past three years I have said that I was going to purchase these three things but as with life, something always comes up. This will be the year thought. One piece at a time.

Raptorazor YouTube
Ghost Blind YouTube

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