3 Pieces of Equipment I Can’t Live Without

3 Pieces of Equipment I Can't Live WithoutEvery archer goes through phases of the “new and shiny”, wanting to try out different pieces of equipment for their bow. But when you finally find something that lives up to your expectations you stop looking for something else. I have finally hit that spot. I no longer want to try anything else because I am so happy with what I’ve got.



Single Pin Sight

20160916_201204First off is my Spot Hogg Hogg Father single pin sight. This sight does EVERY thing that you would want a sight to do. It has second and third axis adjustability, micro adjust windage and elevation, the housing can be adjusted closer or further from the riser, even the pointer is micro adjustable. Not to mention it is built like a tank.

Fall Away Arrow Rest

Next is my Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro arrow rest. I have the limb driven model and let me tell you. This is the first limb driven rest I have used and it is so easy to keep in time. If the cord does stretch all you have to do is loosen the screw on the rest and pull out the slack and tighten the screw back up. It doesn’t get any easier than that for a fall away rest. It is also all steel so no need to worry about breaking anything off.

Wrist Release

20160916_204839Lastly is my Tru Fire Chicken Wing release. I have always been a wrist release shooter and I don’t think that will ever change. With this release you can choose between one or two finger release. I am using the two finger setup and it has really helped me not punch the trigger. I always been afraid of trying a back tension release for fear of the release slipping, but now you can shoot back tension with a wrist release.


A lot of archery equipment is trial and error so it is hard to get the perfect setup on your first try. But if you don’t like how something works then keep trying until you are happy. Trust me, you will shoot a lot better when you are confident in your equipment.

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